Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

Q: Can juicing a lot of apples poison you to death... or at least get you sick?
A: Not in a practical sense. Snopes explains why here: "Luckily for those fond of their Granny Smiths, the body can detoxify cyanide in small doses, and the number of apple seeds it takes to pack a lethal punch is therefore huge - even the most dedicated of apple eaters is extremely unlikely to ingest enough pips to cause any harm."

Q: What software do you use to create and maintain your graphs?
A: I use OmniGraphSketcher for Mac 14.99$USD (available for download from the site or the Mac App store)

Q: How do you keep track of your stats?
A: I keep track using my spreadsheet available for free here (XLS) [60dayfaststatstracker.xls]

Q: Is juicing a liquid diet?
A: Technically yes, since juice is liquid.

Q: What is the difference between juicing and juice-fasting?
A: Juicing incorporates juice into everyday life - usally once a day or several times a week. Juice-fasting (also called juice feating) is soley drinking juice (and water) contiguously for a given period of time. Popular juice fast periods or 1-day, 3-day, 7-day, 10-day, 30-day, 60-day. 

Q: Is cheating (eating small meals or snacks) during a juice fast OK?
A: No. If you are "cheating" then you are just juicing and not fasting; which is OK as you are incorporating juice into your everyday lifestyle. Cheating disrupts your digestive system and confuses your functions; this is especially important if you are cleansing (detoxing).

Q: How long does freshly made juice last?
A: It's been said that it depends on the juicer. For example centrifugal juicers oxidize the juice more than a masticating juicer and oxidation is bad for the life of the juice. Typically centrifugal juicers may last a day or two where masticating juicers may last three or four days. Naturally you want to keep them in an airtight container (glass over plastic) and stored cold and served chilled (over ice, blended in ice). Remember that drinking the juice sooner than later is best.

Q: How many times per day should I drink?
A: Drink as often as you need to; there is no specific reason you need to drink 3 times per day but if you were raised that way it may be simpler to manage meal periods as well as keep track of quantities being consumed.

Q: What type of juice should I drink?
A: The idea is the greener the better. Include produce like Kale, Chard, Spinach in most of your daily juices. 
I try and keep my juices as follows: 
Morning breakfast juice - mostly fruit (oranges, grapefruit, apples, berries) for a fantastic wake-up boost (the perfect alternative to morning/afternoon coffee!).
Afternoon lunch juice -  mostly vegetable (Kale, Chard, Spinach, Beets, Carrots, Peppers,  Tomatoes, Apples)
Evening dinner juice -  mostly vegetable (Kale, Chard, Spinach, Beets, Carrots, Peppers,  Tomatoes, Apples)

Q: How much juice should I drink?
A: The short answer is drink until you are full. Eventually you'll know what it takes to keep your energy levels up without overdoing it. It is best in the beginning to have more than less. If you are going to have a large drink try and take it during your afternoon/lunch time and keep the breakfast and especially the dinner juices a tad lighter (by a cup or so). During my first 60-day juice fast I tried to keep my servings at 3.5 cups three times a day for a total of 10.5 cups per day - I ended up averaging 8.8 cups per day. During my second 60-day juice fast I tried to keep my servings at 4.0 cups per day for a total of 12 cups per day - I ended up averaging 11.6 cups per day. During my third 60-day juice fast I tried to keep my servings at 3.0 cups per day for a total of 8 cups per day - As of this writing it is Day 5/60.

Q: How to deal with juicing while traveling?
A: See if you can map out local juice bars that either can make juices for you on the spot or sell fresh juices in containers to go (grab-and-go). Usually these are more expensive than the juices you make at home (compare 3-5 dollars per 32oz to 8.95 dollars per 32oz at Whole Foods). If this doesn't work for then you may want to consider getting a cheap juicer or making your juicer portable. This could work with a power inverter that runs from a cigarette lighter on an automobile. You'll want to reference the wattage/amperage to make sure they match and that your vehicle/rental can accommodate and match so that nothing is damaged; the plus side is that you can also use the juicer in your hotel room. Finding the produce usually is the easier part. Naturally if you are traveling by plane or have to jump hoops having your own electric juicer may not be ideal. You can always pack a set of manual juicers that rely on you twister and crushing the produce into a small jar but that may seem like more work than it is worth. But it is an alternative and no one said alternatives are easy.