Listed below is the equipment that I've had experience with during my juicing journey and what best works for me.


GE Juice Extractor 49.96$USD - [centrifugal] this was my first juicer and worked quite well except it literally died on its 70th day of juicing. This juicer is OK for light juicing and is quite inexpensive. It's rather loud though. Great for seeing if juicing is for you.

Omega Vert 330 323.00 $USD - [masticating]  this is my second juicer and so far have been quite satisfied with its yield and performance. Read my review of this juicer here. This is the juicer I'm currently using, and have been for two of my 3 60 day juice fasts.

Lexan Healthy Juicer Hand-Powered Wheatgrass Juicer 49.95 $USD - [masticating, dedicated wheatgrass] I used this juicer for juicing wheatgrass. Read my review of this juicer here. I ended up returning this one after I found out my current juicer also juices wheatgrass.

Lifetime Hoan 8950 Manual Citrus Juicer (under 5 $USD) - [manual, twisting for citrus halves] I used this juicer for juicing oranges and grapefruit.  Read my review of this juicer here. It works in a pinch but requires a lot of manual work. Not optimal for a lot of oranges - but better than having to prep for a centrifugal or masticating juicer.

Juiceman Citrus Juicer 24.99 $USD [automatic, twisting for citrus halves] I use this juicer for juicing oranges and grapefruit.  Read my review of this juicer here. It works great for batch processing all sizes of oranges and grapefruits quickly. 

Storage Containers
Sterilite Ultra-Seal Pitcher 2 Liters 5.99$USD - I use these to store my juices in the refrigerator overnight after I've made a batch of juices - I usually make the evening's dinner, the next morning's breakfast, and the next afternoon's lunch back to back so that I have them all ready and only have to clean the juicer once that evening. I start with making the common apple base first which I divide amongst the three containers; then complete the breakfast juice; then split the dinner and lunch juices. In total I make 24 cups of juice (8 cups x 3 containers) shared by two people having 4 cups per serving each.

Travel Containers
Nalgene 32 Ounce Wide Mouth 10.20$USD - I use these to store my juices to take as breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I'm away from home. Great for work, theme parks and travel in general. Easy to clean and maintain.

Juicing Accessories
OXO Apple Divider 9.99$USD - I use this to slice up my apples uniformly in one fell swoop!

Mainstays American Housewares 8" Food Strainer - I use this to strain my juices after they come out of the juicer. I have a couple on hand so that I can strain 8 cups at a time, then rinse the strainers, and do it again until I've completed the straining process. I recommend straining your juices as it removes any additional fiber pulp to make it an ultra smooth experience - more nutrients less pulp.

Pyrex 8-cup Measuring Cup with Lid 18.59$USD - I use these to capture my juice from the juicer (instead of the juice bin that came with it). Once I capture the juice I use a strainer and pour it into another identical Pyrex. As with the strainers having two or more is nice.

Miscellaneous Accessories
Mainstays Mini Stacking Bins, 3pk - I use this to store my produce on my counter.

Are you Interested in having me review your juicing product - please contact me.