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QuickTip: Daily Measurements

posted Jul 3, 2012, 4:12 PM by Israel Torres
"A watched pot never boils" - Some may say that weighing yourself each day is not a good idea as you may not see positive change as often as you may anticipate which could lead to states of depression and eventual regression and weight gain. However for tracking purposes and creating stats and graphs it is a necessary thing. To reliably get accurate measurements use a digital scale, evacuate your bladder and bowels, and perform this ritually at the same time each day - generally first thing is the morning after waking seems best for me. Make it even easier by having a small collection of index cards (stapled) and a writing utensil to jot down weight and additional notes such as daily BMs. Then each week you can compile the data into a spreadsheet and allow for extrapolation, graphing and visual feedback of your progress!