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QuickTip: Calculating Everything!

posted Jul 18, 2012, 5:54 PM by Israel Torres   [ updated Jul 18, 2012, 6:10 PM ]
Interested to see how many calories you are drinking?... and why it matters?... and really depends on variables including yourself... Everyone is different after all!

To calculate the calories in your juices start by going to and typing in your recipe (note: calculate in ounces and pounds instead of how many leaves you are using - things like carrot sticks, celery sticks, etc are OK) 

Here's an example calculating how many calories are in this very simple recipe:
  • 5 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lb of kale
On Wolfram's site start like this:

press the = symbol on the far right and watch the magic happen.

First off you'll notice on the browser's address bar you get a save-able link that you can save to your favorites, or keep in a log somewhere, also since it is a link you can share it with others that will see immediately the same results you did.

The link looks like this (and you can click it):

First you'll notice what WolframAlpha is assuming - you can make these assumptions clear by using the vernacular indicated in between "Use" and "Instead" - this will help get as accurate as you possibly can.

Next you'll see how WolframAlpha interpreted what you typed in - this is good to make sure what you typed is what you meant.

The next screen has all the nutrition facts you are familiar with as compared to packaging you see on the store shelves.

It's also said that you should take 10% to 15% off to account for the removal of the pulp since you are drinking pure juice (for example I especially strain my juices). You can also calculate this with WolframAlpha thusly:

So as you can see the original result in calories we got was 385, so we subtracted 15% to get the new total of 327.25 calories.

As you scroll down the page there are many more granular pieces of information but that usually isn't too interesting for the scope of this QuickTip. Feel free to peruse and experiment! :)

So you now know how to calculate your intake smartly! No more relying on sites that guess what you are eating or just using WolframAlpha in the background anyway!

You can also calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate - basically how many calories you are currently burning in various states) using this link:

Just insert your information in the wizard presented and you will get your best estimated numbers!
Starting with the Basal Metabolic Rate you can gauge your estimated expenditure this will help in calculating what your intake should be around and what you need to survive comfortably (without hunger pangs, headaches, bowel issues).

Lastly is calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) - think of it as a guide to where you should be for your statistics.

Start by clicking this link:

Again enter your data into the wizard
and you will get your BMI results and be able to have something realist to aim for as an achievable goal. :)

So to summarize - Calculate your Caloric Intake by seeing how many calories the recipe you are using total to. Subtract your resultant BMR (Caloric Expenditure) to see how close you are to actually losing calories per day. Finally use this process to reach your estimated BMI... the trick then is to maintain this once you have achieved your goal and not regress and have all your hard work be wasted! It has worked wonders for me and I am sharing the love!