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QuickTip: Birds of a feather flock together

posted Jul 17, 2012, 7:59 AM by Israel Torres

Interested in joining the world of juicing, starting a juice cleanse, or even a long term juice fast?

For questions, answers, varying experience and experienced opinions I certainly recommend hanging out online with like-minded individuals for guidance, support, networking and even friendship. The juicing community itself is surprisingly pretty small to what I think it should be so finding active groups may be a task in itself. 

I was lucky enough to find reddit’s r/juicing forum sometime early on during my first 60-day juice fast and I am now one of the three moderators. Come on down and help us help you, or share your experiences with our community. :) (currently with 1,945 readers)

... another group I recommend is LinkedIn's Juicing for Health (currently with 166 members)

For a strucutred clinical environment with a personal touch I recommend Farnoosh Brock's Prolific Juicing with quite a few folks who’ve walked the juicing path and have much to tell and talk about

In any public online forum remember to keep netiquette in play and always be ready learn something - always do some basic research before asking your questions and then ask away; usually someone will chime in and others soon follow - be patient if you don’t get an instant answer sometimes folks are just busy even though they want to help you out. Once you’ve built up your experience and have had some online face-time you too can start helping others when familiar questions arise :)

Happy and Healthy Juicing!