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Ghost Pepper Juice Extract

posted Sep 19, 2012, 3:57 PM by Israel Torres   [ updated Oct 28, 2012, 8:55 AM ]
Disclaimer for the uninitiated: Do not try this at home

One of my friends recently brought me a couple of Ghost Peppers that he grew from his plant at home. When asked what I was planning to do with them I mentioned I was going to make a juice extract with them. 

I normally make juice extracts for taking with me when I hit the local juice bars as most don't offer any type of spicy peppers like habanero, jalapeño, serrano, or ghost peppers. Even though I love juice with a bang this would be the first time I'd be drinking this level of raw heat so I wanted to take my time and make it right. Below is how I make the Ghost Pepper Juice Extract (GPJE)- enjoy!

First and foremost I'll compare the three habaneros, serrano and ghost peppers in the picture below.  I usually have two of these habaneros per 8 cups of lunch or dinner juice. To be safe and make sure I wasn't wasting my juice I started by making the juice extract with one ghost pepper. I'll be saving the second one for later in the week.

I start with two large tomatoes and one ghost pepper.

So they fit in my Omega Vert VRT 330 (masticating juicer) I needed to slice up the tomatoes. I kept the ghost pepper intact.

I used a food strainer to make sure no additional pulp or seeds make it into the extract and I ended up with about 2 cups of ghost pepper Juice Extract.

I took a "half-straw" sample and it was quite potent but very drinkable - especially when it will be diluted with the rest of the juice. I will be enjoying this tomorrow for lunch and dinner. I juice ahead in batches during the work week. If you like a nice solid heat don't be shy about adding a ghost pepper to your juices. Remember I use one ghost pepper per 8 cups of juice - I am not sure I'd try it at any other ratio!

update (the following day): I drank a full 32oz of a new juice consisting of golden beets, cucumber, carrots, spinach, apples along with the ghost pepper juice extract and it was delicious and quite spicy - It almost felt as if I had put in 3 or 4 habaneros in instead of the standard 2. It wasn't undrinkable at all and I'll certainly be doing this again.

update (20121028): Just picked up this new batch that I'll be using tonight and this week!