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MiC M.E. Conference 2012 w/Joe Cross

posted Sep 1, 2012, 9:21 PM by Israel Torres
MiC M.E. Conference 2012 Saturday, August 25

My good friend George Vermillion of called me up a few months ago and mentioned that Joe Cross from Fat Sick and Nearly Dead would be in town and we would all have a chance to meet up during the MiC M.E. Conference 2012 Saturday, August 25. There was no question I would be attending!
George and I

I met up with George and his family and friends then got to meet Joe before the conference then later got to watch him talk about his documentary, his philos and future. He had a small Q&A session afterwards and we got to hear more about Phil. Joe was quite eloquent and really down to Earth.
Joe Cross Speaking at MiC

At the end of the evening he had a book signing so I picked up his book and attended his book signing.

Joe signing his book

Joe's Book

Joe's Message

Joe and I

George, Joe and I

I am very glad I attended this conference and got to meet up with George and Joe. I was fortunate to personally thank Joe for saving my life.  It's awesome to see so many people care about the world at large and spend their time educating everyone to a healthier and longer life.