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Random Thoughts - Hunger

posted Jun 25, 2012, 8:21 PM by Israel Torres
This evening things were uneventful and I had to prolong my normally scheduled juicing time and had to stretch it out a few hours longer than I'm comfortable with; especially so close to moving from hybrid-mode to juice-only-mode. Driving home I thought how easy it would be to stop at the local McDonald's drive-thru and eat - even knowing it was pure garbage for my body, additionally knowing I had a fresh juice I just made waiting in the fridge. Naturally I told myself to think of other things and just stick to the plan. I got home and poured my 3 cups of juice and drank up. It was fantastic and calming. Now that I have curbed my portions a full cup that I am used to from my last juice fast it feels like I am jumping from vine to vine. :)