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Random Thoughts - Discipline and Control

posted Jun 25, 2012, 5:37 PM by Israel Torres
Preparing the third and final portion (3cups) of juice for the evening on Day 4/60 and just wanted to say that it isn't easy to remain in control so close the 2 week break. It takes a lot of discipline to ignore the desire to eat solids; more so salty tasty solids. As my body starts to heal itself again I can still feel the urge; however it is slowly dying away. Eventually I won't hear a peep and that is when things are best. What keeps me filled with positive thoughts is the idea that food will always be there and there will always be someone to sell it to me. Next is that the juice I am putting in my body is really the best of the best of what I could be consuming - so why would I want anything else? Finally is the awesome results I and others can see. Looping these concepts helps me remain in control and persevere. Eventually I don't have to consciously keep telling myself this as I am now less than a week in. Little by little and day by day - the only way to win is not to play ;)

In retrospect I have noticed that this only happens after a break. It feels like there is something in the food that brings forth this beckoning to eat more; even when I wasn't hungry and I knew I had recently eaten there was something inside saying "more... more"...