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mini-juice-fast #2 Day 01

posted Sep 17, 2012, 7:07 PM by Israel Torres
Today I commenced a small 5 day juice fast (I call them mini-juice-fasts) September 4th - 5th (which is 14 days from my 3rd day 60) and now into my 28th day since my 3rd day 60 I am engaging another mini-juice-fast which I am estimating to be at least 5 days and up to 7 days. 

After completing the lengthy fasts the mini-juice-fasts seem to go very quickly almost feeling insignificant. However it certainly does alleviate "intestinal bloat" from consuming solids during the in-between-times. 

I'm carefully logging my weight daily at the same time each day (after morning bladder/bowel evacuation) to be as consistent as possible. I'll publish these in the stats section after I've completed this new experiment but for now I can say that this "intestinal bloat" has been between 16 and 18.9 pounds

This bloat range consists of liquids and solids that have entered my body within the last 28 days since my 3rd 60 day juice fast completed. The most uncomfortable part of this is feeling so distended. Even if it isn't as noticeable from the outside I can feel it. I've also purposely had updated my wardrobe with smaller clothing that fit great at my max loss; but when in "bloat mode" I can feel the fabric entering its limits.

During my mini-fasts the body begins to deflate and overall feel better, and then my clothes begins to feel looser. 

My ultimate goal with these experiments is to maintain a specific weight with lessening deltas through greater periods of time using a hybrid of juicing and solids.

Additionally I have withheld from engaging in an exercise program until I fully understand this. 

Updates to follow...

I'm feeling like a golden beet right now...