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60 Day Juice Fast #3 Day #35

posted Jul 26, 2012, 9:49 AM by Israel Torres   [ updated Jul 27, 2012, 8:40 AM ]
This is the 35th day into my 3rd 60 day juice fast and I've lost 26.90lbs so far.

To compare my progress with my last two previous 60 day juice fasts I have lined up how much weight loss I had achieved by Day 35/60.

JF1 D35 33.50 (First 60 day Juice Fast)
JF2 D35 26.00 (Second 60 day Juice Fast)
JF3 D35 26.90 (Third 60 day Juice Fast)

I've actually made a little more progress than my previous juice fast - I figured I'd be losing less than before each time.

This morning I weighed in at 177.9lbs which brings me to an overall weight loss of 84.10lbs as of today starting from January 25th 2012 when I began my juicing journey 183 days ago. Honestly time seems to be flying by, especially with such great reward!

One interesting thing I wanted to mention is that earlier this week between Monday July 23rd and Tuesday July 24th I noticed that sometimes sudden head movements regardless of position (laying in bed, sitting down, standing up) would bring forth feelings of dizziness (not sure if this qualifies as lightheadedness), a very temporary loss of equilibrium - whether my eyes were open or closed; the sensation was quite strong at times, mostly when laying in bed and shifting positions. I've had about 5-7 episodes and not sure exactly what accounts for this. I explained this to my wife who has done a full 60 day and currently on her second and she mentions that she had been encountering these sensations a lot earlier. For both of us currently they seem to be very quick and temporary; usually when shifting planes in our surrounding area - it isn't easy to reproduce but it may be occurring when it is close to "feeding time" so it may be due to caloric expenditure and/or changes in brain chemistry. I'll keep you posted if this continues or eventually subsides. Lastly I'd also like to note that I have no real idea whether these experiences are related to my juice fasting for the time being or if other things may be influencing this behavior. Never experiencing anything like this before in my life it is something I wanted to make note it is almost a sensation of falling or going through a roller coaster. To regain control I try to stay calm and focus on regaining control, and it seems to work for the time being. 

update (July 27th 2012): It's now been two days since the last episode. After speaking with a few others who juice/juice fast it seems we are finding commonalities and correlation with this combined with stress and lack of sleep. More updates to follow.