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60 Day Juice Fast #3 Day #28

posted Jul 19, 2012, 7:32 AM by Israel Torres   [ updated Jul 26, 2012, 9:57 AM ]
This is the 28th day into my 3rd 60 day juice fast and I've lost 23.10lbs so far.

I weighed in at 181.7 this morning - I am so close to the 180 mark now I can taste it! My ultimate goal weight is at 150 and below. I am almost at the half-way mark for my 60 day fast so we'll get to see how close I get to this achievement.

Thus far I've had 3 major wardrobe downgrades since I started in January. I started at 46 waist and XXLT-XXXL, downgraded at 38 and XL, and downgraded to 32 and L. I've donated all my clothing to a local donation bin. I've only kept a few articles of larger clothing to remind me what I used to be and for "pajama wear". Along the way I also dropped a full shoe size! To be conservative in how much I spend on clothing in the future I'll be waiting until after this 60-day fast prior to purchasing anything else.

It has been really amazing watching my body "metamorphosize" in such a short amount of time. It seemed so unnoticeable  through 15-20 years of slowly increasing in size to unbelievable obesity (my heaviest at 280 and starting my juicing journey at 262). At 262 my BMI was 43.6 which is in the obese class III range.  Technically I'm still in the obese class I range but just by a smidge with a current BMI of 30.2 and soon to be entering the overweight range within a few days... and eventually to the normal range. Patience, control and discipline is what it takes and knowing each and every day I am meeting my small goals to reach my big goals makes it all worth it!

Prepping a medium beet for my Omega Vert 330 Juicer