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60 Day Juice Fast #3 Day #24

posted Jul 15, 2012, 8:56 AM by Israel Torres   [ updated Jul 26, 2012, 9:57 AM ]
This is the 24th day into my 3rd 60 day juice fast and I've lost 21.10lbs so far.

It's been really hot lately here in Southern California - remember to stay hydrated!

Below is a picture of the pulp from dinner juice last night which consisted of a beet, a bunch of kale, carrots and sweet peppers. I also had another mix of where I made the apples but they weren't in this pulp bin. When I first started my juicing journey I never considered beets as something I'd consider juicing but after hearing about its benefits I tried it and it tasted like dirt; real Earthy. It took some getting used to but now my refrigerator usually has 2 big beets waiting for me at all times. They come in a variety of sizes but I prefer the apple-sized beets. I try to have one at least once if not twice a week. It really depends on whether the local markets have them available. Markets sell beets with the plant attached or severed and some juicers also juice the greens on a beet, but I haven't myself. Beets are also known to dye expelled waste red (both liquid and solid) and this freaks some people out so keep that in mind. If you've never juice a beet - try one today!