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60 Day Juice Fast #3 Day #20

posted Jul 11, 2012, 12:02 PM by Israel Torres   [ updated Jul 26, 2012, 9:58 AM ]
This is the 20th day into my 3rd 60 day juice fast and I've lost 18.9lbs so far. 

I've officially caught up to where I was weight-wise before staring the two week break - totally further on the timeline than I had hoped. My last break I was able to reverse the gain in about 5 days - I was thinking perhaps in 10 days I'd be able to make up for the gain; however that was before I saw that I put on 21.1lbs - another figure that was quite a surprise. I'm officially a third of the way through and at 185.9lbs with a goal of 150 lbs. This means that I'll have to lose an additional 35.9lbs to meet the goal weight. Yikes! That's a number that would have made more sense 20 days ago but with only 40 more days left of my 60-day juice fast it will certainly be a challenge. I'm averaging about 0.945lbs of loss per day and I expect that number to lessen as time passes to around .6-.5 lbs/day

Below is the pulp from lunch; the green you see is cucumber... yum!