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60 Day Juice Fast #4 Day #30

posted Nov 20, 2012, 9:09 PM by Israel Torres
I just completed Day 30 today - this is the halfway point and everything seems to be going by very quickly. This is the first time I'll be encountering a well celebrated holiday and not consuming solids. That's right I'll be powering through Turkey Day on juice alone. I can buy a turkey anytime when I've completed my juice fast if I felt like it however my mission is to comlpete this 4th 60-day juice fast. 

So far I've lost 26.2lbs - that's an additional 6.7 pounds lost since 15 days ago. My previous stats on day 30 are as follows 29.10, 23.10, 23.40. Again the rate is better than average. Next stop 15 days from now.

Here I am preparing a bunch of Spinach by washing it first!