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60 Day Juice Fast #4 Day #1

posted Oct 22, 2012, 9:57 PM by Israel Torres
This is the fourth 60 day juice fast I've started this year... I'm quite excited to see it through. 

Day 1 has come and gone. 

I had my breakfast juice (apples, strawberries and oranges) around 6AM, my lunch juice (spinach, cucumber, sweet peppers, carrots, habaneros and apples) around 12PM and my dinner juice (same as lunch) around 4PM… normally I'd have dinner around 6PM but noticed I started to get the feeling of hunger earlier than usual so I drank my dinner juice early. During making the batch for Day 2 I was sure to drink the 'overflow' (which was about 2 cups of juice) - as towards the end of the juice making my mouth was seriously salivating so gulps were had!

For the most part things went quite smooth. Things at work were quite busy so I didn't have a chance really to think about eating.

During my juice fasts I cut down on the liquid intake and try to focus more on the juice - while consuming solids I make sure I am drinking water constantly. So during this evacuation period that normally occurs during the first week (around the first three days) I'm expecting to lose quite a bit of water weight.

Organic Red Kale is quite fragrant - used for Day 2!